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  • New Milestones

    We are now engaged in developing and introducing new specialized batteries, including: Golf Cart Batteries, E-Bike Batteries, Tall Tubular Batteries, 24V 100AH Maintenance Free Tank Batteries, OPzV and OPzS Batteries, 12V 7Ah Batteries and Battery Tonic for longer life of dry charged batteries.

  • Sales Partners Outlets

    As trend-setters; we have changed the dynamics of our battery market by converting a rusty shop to an exclusive branded outlet. The objective of model shop is to facelift our trade and gives it a more professional look with display of our products in a good looking environment, and create a trustworthy relation between our trade and end-users. Today we have more than 250+ smart & Model shops across the country and consistently increasing.

  • Free Battery Checkup

    Being a customer trust winning company, our prime focus is to give maximum benefits to our end-users with the help of our after sales service team, we have launched free battery checkup campaign nationwide, this activity is conducted in different fuel stations, Our experts check the battery health and refill deionized battery tonic along with […]

  • Sales Partners Meetings

    We strongly believe that there are two top most reasons of our success, first; we are an interest free company; second; our sales partners, as trend-setters in our industry we conduct multiple conventions and corner meetings to motivate our sales partners for their efforts towards our brand and to update them with the latest updates […]



Pakistan Accumulators (Pvt.) Limited manufactures motorcycle batteries both in dry charge & VRLA AGM version. Our batteries are known for quality and long lasting performance. Our range of products in VRLA versions is from 3 AH to 9 AH.


Pakistan Accumulators (Pvt.) Limited is the leading company in Pakistan with more than two decades of experience in manufacturing conventional lead acid dry charge batteries (shallow cycle & deep cycle batteries) as per JIS standard. In addition to that, Pakistan Accumulators (Pvt.) Limited is also making popular models of DIN standards.


Pakistan Accumulators (Pvt.) Limited is one step ahead of the market, providing new and advanced products to its customers. The maintenance free concept focuses on the effort to eliminate the evaporation (water loss) inside the battery; therefore no water addition is required for the whole battery life.


Pakistan Accumulators (Pvt) Ltd is the first company in Pakistan to manufacture of Tubular Plate Flooded Lead Acid Batteries (Deep Cycle, Solar & UPS applications). The production design of this battery is dissimilar to the existing SLI and UPS batteries. It has a Tubular Plate for positive and a thick negative plate for enhancing life of battery.


Front Access & Top Access Valve Regulated lead acid series is designed for the service with high requirements. Since its grid is made of special multi-element alloy, the cell has a longer deep cycle life and better discharge performance. With the front terminal designed for the connection with external circuit and availability of different connection bars, the battery mounts and dismounts easily and lowered the cost of maintenance. The product is suitable for service in Telecom, UPS, Power plant, transformer substation, control system, microwave relay station, remote sensing device, solar and wind energy applications.